Simple Ways to Enhance Your Networking Efforts

In August 14, 2017
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We understand how important networking is around CLE Solutions HQ, which is why we’re always working to enhance our connecting efficiency. Through our efforts, we’ve discovered a few simple but essential strategies for building our networks. We apply the following techniques to effectively expand our contact lists and advance our careers in the process.

One thing we’re careful to do is make the most of our existing connections. It’s easy to overlook the networking value you might already have in your list of contacts, so don’t be shy about asking current allies for connections. The most productive introductions tend to be made by people who already know and trust one another.

We also focus more on quality than quantity in all our networking pursuits. It’s nice to be introduced to someone, but we don’t automatically add everyone we meet to our contact lists. We want to make sure we completely understand the unique talents and needs a potential connection has before we go too far.

Staying in touch with our existing connections is another technique that factors heavily in our CLE Solutions networking strategy. We don’t want to lose sight of what our contacts are doing or what new connections they’ve made, so we reach out through social media at least once every month or so.

We use these tactics to create and maintain helpful professional networks. Check out the CLE Solutions Newswire for more of our best networking tips.

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