Simple Ways to Elevate Your Networking Game

In October 18, 2017
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Having a diverse network of helpful contacts can be a boon to anyone’s career. We frequently discuss our connecting abilities around the CLE Solutions office with this in mind. Here are a few strategies we’ve learned for making the process easier.

The first thing we do before attending any industry event with networking potential is set clear goals for ourselves. A specific number of business cards or new allies is always good to shoot for, because it keeps us motivated throughout the event. We feel a sense of accomplishment when we leave an industry function having met our simple objectives.

Although we often attach numbers to our contacting efforts, we also recognize the value of focusing on quality instead of quantity. Rather than speak with everyone we meet for just a couple of minutes, we aim for a handful of longer discussions that help us arrive at common ground with potential additions to our CLE Solutions contact lists.

All our networking goals are more easily achieved if we do research before any given event. Social media is helpful here, because we can find people on LinkedIn to get some solid intel before we meet with them in person. Many event organizers also create social media pages that help us get a handle on the guest list long before we attend.

We’re using these strategies to become more efficient networkers.

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