How to Re-Energize Your Company Culture

In October 18, 2017
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We’ve learned a lot about the power of a positive work culture through our CLE Solutions experiences. One key truth we’ve discovered is that sometimes a work atmosphere needs a nudge to stay on the right track. The end of summer is a good example of this, when vacations have come to an end and everyone needs to sharpen their focus on aggressive growth goals. Here are a few strategies we’ve found helpful in these moments:

• Take Advantage of Lunch Breaks: There is plenty of team-building potential in any given lunch break. You can organize seminars and other educational events that coincide with a midday meal, or even host a company picnic at which team members can discuss big projects in a laid-back atmosphere.

• Bring People Together Outside of Work: We’ve found this to be a healthy strategy just about anytime here at CLE Solutions, but it can be especially productive when your team needs an extra jolt of motivation. An office field day is one of the best ideas we’ve discovered, because it gets people’s competitive spirits up while also helping them get to know each other a little better. Having fun as a group is a great way to spur stronger collaboration on key tasks back at the office.

These are just a couple of ideas for bringing a team together to restore camaraderie.

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