Public Speaking Techniques You Can Try Right Away

In July 19, 2017
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CLE Solutions’ experiential marketing methods include a lot of public speaking. We train all our associates on how to make effective presentations. So, we have learned many techniques that can make talking to an audience easier and more impactful. Here are a few ideas to apply with minimal time and effort:

  • Start With a Story: Narratives make your presentations more personal. Starting with a story will help you connect with your audience from the first moments. Your listeners will then be more receptive to the rest of what you say.
  • Summarize Key Points: We use the keep-it-short-and-simple principle to maximize the impact of CLE Solutions’ outreach messaging. However, it is still a good practice to summarize key points at the end of a presentation. This helps the audience remember everything you have said.
  • Practice With Video: Record a video of yourself practicing your talk. You can examine both your speaking and movement. This will help you hone the verbal and nonverbal elements of your presentation.
  • Finish With a Clear Call to Action: The goal of most presentations is to encourage some action from the audience. Make this as clear as possible for your listeners. Finish by telling them exactly how they can follow up on your talk.

These techniques will help you quickly improve your public speaking. Discover other presentation strategies from CLE Solutions by following us on Twitter.

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