PRESS RELEASE: CLE Solutions Team Members Attend Top Leaders Conference

In September 22, 2017

VALLEY VIEW, OH – CLE Solutions’ President discussed the recent Top Leaders Conference and the team members who attended the event. He also shared some of his best tips for networking at industry gatherings.

Industry events are key elements in the CLE Solutions approach to professional development. Jason, the company’s President, explained, “We send our people to all types of functions throughout the year, including seminars, exotic retreats, and road trips. I recently brought two of our top-performing associates to the Top Leaders Conference in Dallas. Daz’mond and Erin learned so much during the event. I know they’re excited to put their fresh insights to good use and make the most of the new contacts they met.”

Daz’mond and Erin were able to see the bigger picture in terms of opportunities within CLE Solutions and the industry as a whole. Jason added, “Travel opportunities like this are what make our team knowledgeable and prepared to succeed. Our team members had the chance to network with the most influential leaders in our industry.”

The lessons learned at the conference promise to propel Daz’mond and Erin to greater heights in their careers. Describing his experience at the event, Daz’mond stated, “The biggest thing I learned was that leaders set the pace and build the business by developing people. Now it’s time for me to put the insights I gained into action.”

CLE Solutions’ President Outlines a Few Effective Conference Networking Strategies

Making beneficial connections is one of the best outcomes of attending conferences. Jason reminds his team members of a few simple but effective networking strategies before they attend any big industry gathering.

The President explained, “It’s best to start with a modest goal in terms of how many people you want to meet. Making five new contacts each day is a good objective, because it makes following up after the event easier. When we’re adding to our CLE Solutions contact lists, we write a few personal details on the back of every business card we collect. Our follow-up messages become more effective as a result.”

It’s also helpful to do research on potential connections as an event approaches. Jason stated, “With LinkedIn and other social media outlets at our disposal, we’re able to home in on the ideal potential contacts well before we get to the venue. When we have some basic details and background information in mind, we quickly build foundations for productive professional relationships going forward.”

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