PRESS RELEASE : CLE Solutions Sets Goals for Future Success

In December 25, 2015

VALLEY VIEW, OH – The leaders at CLE Solutions recognize that objectives are important for the continued well-being of the firm. The director of operations discussed strategies for setting operational goals in an organization.

“I’m a goal-oriented person, which means that I believe in the value of setting targets for me to aim at in my personal and professional lives,” the director of operations shared. “I then use these ambitions to define the paths I take. It’s a mindset that has served me well, and it’s a practice that can be used by everyone on the CLE Solutions team.”

Most business teams already set goals that involve revenue, sales, and customer retention, but CLE Solutions’ director believes objectives can be set to measure and improve performance in any area. Customer satisfaction, number of associates receiving promotions, and even loss prevention benefit from the development of objectives that define success in those divisions. “It might take a little creativity to come up with ways to measure progress, but all business operations can and should be held against pre-determined goals,” the director stated.

How CLE Solutions’ Director Implements Objectives for the Business as a Whole

“When setting goals for CLE Solutions as an entity, I find it best to use a three-step process,” the director shared. “First, as I mentioned, the managers and I take a look at individual areas of the company and determine end-results that should be the aims of all associates involved.”

The director acknowledged a variety of different functions business leaders could identify, but they are usually broken down into three distinct tasks: marketing, sales, and service. Using those tasks as starting points, the director then works into more specific zones as needed.

Then, the CLE Solutions leaders and associates develop a system to track and communicate progress. This can be as simple as routine e-mails or require sophisticated software, but the important thing is that a system is in place to report progress.

Finally, all goals need to be shared with everyone in the company. The firm’s director likes to do this at company-wide meetings, which also serve as parts of the system CLE Solutions’ teams use to report progress on departmental objectives.

“This arrangement works well for us, and a similar three-step process should work well for any company when implementing objectives,” the director concluded. “Goal setting is by far the most effective way to ensure progress, relevancy in a changing market, and ultimate success.”

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