PRESS RELEASE- CLE Solutions, Inc. Highlights and Strengthens Teams

In October 28, 2016

VALLEY VIEW, OH – CLE Solutions, Inc.’s Director of Operations attributes the firm’s success to a cohesive and talented team. He recognized some of these associates, and explained their approach to bonding.


“CLE Solutions, Inc. is only as good as its team,” said Jason, the company’s Director of Operations. “That’s why I do my best to hire only the most exceptional people in the industry, keep them well-connected, and express my appreciation for their hard work as often as possible. I consider myself lucky to have a team as great as this one by my side.”


Elyse C., the company’s administrator, explained that three team members in particular have been going above and beyond all expectations. She directed the spotlight to Thomas, Kortney, and Charles, indicating that they take full advantage of all the opportunities available at CLE Solutions, Inc. “They are each working to make big things happen for themselves!” she added.


CLE Solutions, Inc. Director of Operations Details Organizational Team-Building


“Of course, a top-tier team doesn’t just develop by chance,” continued Jason. “In addition to providing our people with lots of training and support, my colleagues and I help them strengthen their relationships outside the office. It makes working together that much easier because we are able to communicate with each other more effectively as a result.”


Jason acknowledged that references to team-building activities tend to encourage eye rolls and groans in many workplaces. At CLE Solutions, Inc., however, it isn’t forced and it doesn’t consist of meaningless games or other interactions. It can consist of low-key dinners once per week, or attendance at concerts and sporting events several times per year.


“Team-building doesn’t have to relate to work at all,” Jason stated. “It’s most important that people engage because they are interested. That’s what brings them closer together and makes the experiences more memorable.”


According to Jason, for team-building to be effective management must also demonstrate investment in the group. Whether they’re running a campaign, facilitating meetings in the office, or enjoying a social event, there are certain behaviors company leaders must exhibit to ensure a team-focused atmosphere.


“I expect leaders at CLE Solutions, Inc. to get to know all team members,” Jason concluded. “We make a point to greet our people every day, and find out how everyone is doing. For them to be productive, their well-being must come first. That’s why we listen carefully to their needs and concerns, and give them whatever tools and guidance they need. These efforts form an empowering and positive corporate culture.”


About CLE Solutions, Inc. CLE Solutions, Inc. is a top provider of dynamic outreach that drives results every time. The team designs and deploys campaigns that ensure heightened awareness, greater engagement, and lasting market share growth. These promotions meet a wide range of brand needs. The firm’s growing success has led to movement into new regions and even better ability to connect with varied public segments. The team continues to help brands thrive through detailed research and real-time feedback that sharpens their campaigns by the minute. A commitment to the values of passion, teamwork, giveback, and innovation is what most sets CLE Solutions, Inc. apart from the rest. To learn more about all the group has to offer, visit


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