PRESS RELEASE: CLE Solutions, Inc. Focuses on Leadership, Goal Setting

In February 26, 2016

VALLEY VIEW, OHThe Director of Operations at CLE Solutions, Inc. discussed the firm’s emphasis on dynamic and empowering leadership. He also outlined the importance of setting and pursuing ambitious goals.

“At CLE Solutions, Inc., our leaders are dedicated to inspiring great performance from every member of our team,” said Jason, the Director of Operations. “We have an exceptional group of promotional specialists, but we also understand that we need to guide them toward greater heights of success. Our executives have some specific philosophies to help them do just that.”

One thing company leaders work hard to do is make the most of their associates’ strengths. This is impossible without a solid understanding of team members’ unique attributes and abilities, so members of the CLE Solutions, Inc. executive team spend lots of time observing their people in action. Jason commented, “It takes a lot of time and focus to understand people’s strongest points, and our leaders are committed to the process.”

The Director continued, “We believe in the value of self-assurance. It’s important for professionals to know their strengths and to have them reinforced on a regular basis. When armed with that type of confidence, people are much more likely to set high benchmarks on their own, be resilient in the face of setbacks, and achieve their objectives in the long run. We have seen evidence of this here at CLE Solutions, Inc., and we will continue to empower our people through positivity.”

CLE Solutions, Inc.’s Director Discusses the Value of Setting Ambitious Goals

Jason and the rest of the CLE Solutions, Inc. executive team know that maintaining the status quo is never a good idea. The Director explained, “Even when we are achieving great things, it’s important to keep pushing harder and aiming higher. Otherwise, our competitors will catch up and we will lose ground in the marketplace. We are always challenging ourselves to set more aggressive goals and hold ourselves to loftier standards, and the results we achieve speak to that.”

Company leaders believe that long-term goals should reflect a company’s mission, values, and reasons it was founded in the first place. The Director remarked, “When you think about your company’s original motivations, your objectives take on different meanings. There’s just a different type of energy in the pursuit of a milestone when you know it represents the firm’s overarching mission, and people tend to buy into it more aggressively.”

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