Overlooked Techniques for Better Networking

In June 20, 2017
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 When it comes to building our networks, simple strategies are often the best. We continue to discuss networking techniques around the CLE Solutions office and improve our efficiency at making valuable contacts. Here are the basic techniques that will help anyone elevate his or her networking efforts:

  • Listening: This goes both for conversations you have and the preparation you go through before an event. Before heading to the event, we keep our eyes and ears open for good talking points to bring with us. Once we arrive, we ask plenty of open-ended questions to keep potential contacts talking about themselves. When we’re attuned to what our contacts will be interested in, we have a much better chance of making real connections.
  • Leveraging Small Talk: We believe small talk is an essential element of the networking process. When we initiate discussions with new contacts, we go beyond what’s currently happening with CLE Solutions’ pursuits. Whether it’s sports, hobbies, or industry trends, we get right into topics that help us quickly find common ground.
  • Following Up: There is a lot of energy in the air at a big networking event. We do our best to stay engaged in the process through personalized follow-up messages sent on a regular basis. Of course we reach out to new connections the day after a given event, but we also make sure to check in frequently to keep the relationships strong.

You can find more of the networking tactics we have found helpful by checking out the CLE Solutions Newswire.

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