Networking Strategies We Use at Every Industry Event

In September 22, 2017
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When we represent CLE Solutions at a conference or any type of industry gathering, we make the most of its networking potential. Here are a few of the strategies we use to do so and return home with valuable contacts.

Before an event gets underway, we’re sure to do some research on who will be in attendance. Most conferences and seminars have online groups on social media that allow people to peruse the guest lists. We sometimes reach out to our intended connections beforehand to set the stage for a productive discussion on the event floor.

We also practice our CLE Solutions pitches in the days leading up to a big industry function. It’s important not to sound over-rehearsed, but we do want to be concise with our reasoning for how we can add unique value. We’re sure to include plenty of open-ended questions in our pitches to get people talking about themselves.

When we’re talking with potential contacts, we make sure to be fully engaged in the conversations. We don’t scan the room or look at our phones while we’re connecting with someone. Steady eye contact and open body language help us make it clear that we’re invested in forging a real relationship.

These techniques serve us well at industry events, helping us expand our contact lists.

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