Make Your Commute Productive With These Tips

In August 14, 2017
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We’re all about productivity as members of Team CLE Solutions, finding new ways to get more done as often as we can. This includes our commutes, which have become ideal opportunities for us to advance our professional pursuits. Here are a few unique strategies we use to make our trips to the office more productive.

The power of silence is one thing we’ve learned to harness during our commutes. We turn off the radio, our smartphones, or whatever else might cause unnecessary noise as we travel to work. With the calm we achieve, we set priorities for the morning and try to clear out any negative thoughts from our minds.

When we want something to advance our education, we fire up our iPods to listen to our favorite podcasts. Ongoing improvement is a core CLE Solutions value, so we indulge our curiosity during our daily commutes. In addition to an array of podcasts, we listen to audiobooks by business experts and renowned motivators.

For those of us who use public transit, being active on social media has become a common morning routine. We reach out to network connections and industry influencers through Twitter, LinkedIn, and other outlets. If we can use our commute time to grow our contacts lists, we feel more productive before we even arrive at the office.

These commuting strategies are helping us get more done each workday. Get more of our best tips by checking out the CLE Solutions Newswire.

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