Learn How to Deal with a Lack of Respect at Work with CLE Solutions

In April 17, 2015

Here at CLE Solutions, we understand that being respected at work is a cornerstone to good performance and job satisfaction. However, we also recognize the fact that there are many situations in which you might feel a lack of respect in the workplace. We’d like to address a few ways to deal with not getting the treatment you deserve.

If you’re feeling undermined by a superior or colleague, it can be helpful to see the issue from the other person’s perspective. By looking at what you might have done differently, you’ll have the required self-awareness to talk through the problem and work with the other person to find common ground. It can be easy to lock in on the way we view ourselves and only notice things that confirm our beliefs. When you move outside your own perspective, you’re more open to realistic solutions and compromise.

The most important thing to remember in this type of situation is that you must keep the lines of communication open. If you allow the problem to fester, you’ll likely feel building resentment and even consider leaving your company. Before doing something you might regret later, do your best to discuss the issue rationally and explore realistic solutions. It’s always easier to look at what the other person could have done to improve matters, but it’s better to look within first.

Feeling a lack of respect while trying to do your job is a significant distraction. We at CLE Solutions suggest that you address the problem directly, and with honest communication, before letting it go too far.

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