Leadership Lessons Exemplified by the Navy SEALs

In July 19, 2017
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Staying on the lookout for new insight into leadership helps us keep CLE Solutions at the forefront of our industry. Recently, we have been examining the ways the Navy SEALs achieve success. Here are a few lessons that anyone can apply to be a more effective leader:

  • Task Ownership: Taking responsibility for the outcome of assigned tasks is an important idea to the SEALs. It is the job of the team leader to set his people up for success. If something goes awry, he is the only one who is answerable for the results. In short, every individual is focused on achieving the best outcomes for himself and his team members.
  • Belief Is Essential: In the military, leaders must get their team members bought into any plan to ensure the highest chances of success. Whenever we on the CLE Solutions management team discuss a strategy with our people, we start by believing in it ourselves. Leaders must be confident in their plans if they expect their followers to be as well.
  • Cover and Move: The SEALs have a policy of only moving in the field when covered by another team or part of the team. In other words, they are always vigilant. This idea can be applied to the business world. Always have a contingency plan so you are covered if things suddenly go wrong.

The Navy SEALs exemplify many leadership techniques that are equally relevant in business. Like CLE Solutions on Facebook to find more ideas like these.

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