Ideal Questions for the End of the Interview

In August 14, 2017
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We look and listen for a few specific things every time we interview a potential addition to Team CLE Solutions. It’s especially intriguing when candidates ask insightful questions of their own near the end of their interviews. Here are a few things we think every jobseeker should ask about to impress a hiring manager:

• Challenges Team Members Tackle: We want to know that a potential hire is ready to jump right in and tackle challenging assignments. When candidates ask how we help our people push themselves beyond their current skill sets to achieve big wins, we’re impressed.

• The Hiring Manager’s High Points: It’s also nice when candidates ask our hiring managers about their favorite parts of the job or their biggest accomplishments. This shows us that the person is excited to learn what it’s like to thrive in the CLE Solutions office. Asking this question makes it clear to us that a person is ready to apply his or her unique talents to achieve lasting success.

• Team Activities: We value teamwork as one of our guiding principles, so we’re happy when a candidate asks about team unity and the things we do together. We’re glad to clue potential hires in on all the group outings we enjoy, as well as the ongoing education opportunities we take advantage of as a team.

Asking these types of questions is a good idea for any job candidate. For more on how we approach the interview process, like CLE Solutions on Facebook.

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