Why Giving Should Be Part of Your Business Model

In August 14, 2017
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Giving back to our community is a hallmark of our CLE Solutions culture. We support a range of nonprofits because we value the impact we can make when we join forces. Here are a few reasons why working with charitable organizations should be part of any founder’s business model.

For one thing, nonprofits are tuned in to the needs of the people in your community. They know the best ways to make charitable efforts effective. Nonprofit leaders also tend to have strong connections with influential figures in the area, which makes them great networking allies as well. Our CLE Solutions reputation as a caring industry leader gets strengthened thanks to our relationships with local nonprofits.

The more time we spend helping local charities, the more we improve our company culture. It’s inspiring to be around nonprofit leaders and team members, because their values are the same ones we strive to uphold as we pursue our goals. We’ve also taken cues from local nonprofits by creating our own mission statement, clarifying our core values in the process.

Another inspiring thing about working with nonprofits is seeing how much they accomplish with limited resources. After we take part in a giveback event with a local charity, we always seem to return to the office more motivated to try creative – even unorthodox – approaches.

These are a few reasons why we believe being involved with nonprofits is a boon to any business. For more of our giving insights, follow CLE Solutions on Twitter.

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