Essential Public Speaking Preparation

In June 20, 2017
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Public speaking skills are important in advancing toward our career goals, which is why we often discuss the best methods of preparing for a big speech around the CLE Solutions office. There are a few essential steps we have agreed on. We always put them into action when we’re called upon to deliver a key presentation.

The first thing we do when planning a speech is analyze our audience. We do our homework so that we know the interests shared by our listeners and the work they do every day. It’s important to show that we have considered their perspectives before we deliver any speech, because the additional insights help us establish rapport.

We also follow a simple formula when presenting on behalf of CLE Solutions. The basic idea of this strategy is that you will tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it, and then tell them what you told them. This is one of the best approaches we’ve found for keeping our remarks concise.

Rehearsal is another vital component of our public speaking strategy, because the more we practice for a given speech, the less likely we are to stumble over our words or shuffle through our notes when we’re at the podium. Some of us prefer to use trusted colleagues or friends as practice audiences, while others rehearse in front of mirrors.

Learn more about how we effectively prepare for speaking engagements by checking out the CLE Solutions Newswire.

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