Embrace Instagram as a Personal Branding Tool

In May 17, 2017
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Leaders of businesses small and large, in every industry, leverage the power of social media to promote their companies. CLE Solutions certainly has an online presence, and it yields many benefits. We’ve discovered that these perks apply to personal branding as well, and that Instagram offers quite a bit of potential. Here are some techniques for branding on this platform:

  • Define Your Image: Know what you want your image to be before you establish your presence. Think about your value, how best to deliver it, and who will be most receptive to it. Also identify your objectives and ensure that they align with your principles. Based on these details, you can determine what images, videos, tips, and news you’d like to share.
  • Cross-Promote: The CLE Solutions online community is vibrant because we post image-rich content, and we do so consistently. In addition, we respond to comments and engage in conversations with our followers. It’s helpful to take these efforts further and like, share, and comment on others’ posts as well. Instagram contacts return the favor.
  • Use Hashtags: Hashtags go a long way in terms of visibility. Look at the hashtags on pages similar to yours. Select some of the most common ones and use them on all your posts. Then monitor the increased engagement to determine which tags make the biggest impact.

The CLE Solutions website contains more personal development insights like these. Find them at http://clesolutionsinc.com.

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