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In October 18, 2017
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Making investments in our people’s success is a way of life around the CLE Solutions office. Elyse, the head of our HR department, stated, “We understand the importance of training our team and offering mentor programs. That’s why we provide paid training for all new recruits as well as clear pathways to advancement.”

We want everyone who becomes part of Team CLE Solutions to succeed and learn from others who have accomplished big goals. By pairing every new hire with an experienced team member, we provide positive role models who reflect what’s possible within our organization. “It’s important to have good examples to follow,” Elyse stated. “Through our commitment to mentorship, our newest associates get to clarify their own visions of success right from the outset.”

Another great thing about our dedication to career growth is the fact that every opportunity with CLE Solutions is customizable. In other words, our people can tailor our training program to suit their unique needs and amplify their individual talents. We focus on giving our associates the tools they need to achieve and exceed their career goals.

Consistency is also a positive outcome from our thorough training program. With the right background knowledge, everyone on our team knows what is expected of them. We’re all trained in our company’s procedures and guidelines from the very beginning, so we’re able to apply our talents with confidence in all situations.

We’re dedicated to giving all our team members the knowledge they need to thrive.

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