CLE Solutions Shares Ways to Run an Efficient And Exciting Meeting

In June 13, 2014

Meetings are a necessary part of corporate culture, unfortunately not all meetings are that productive. Meetings can be incredibly valuable as the live interaction is absolutely critical for brainstorming and building consensus, however people typically don’t enjoy them so the effectiveness can come to a halt.

This negative consensus can be changed as long as the person who calls the meeting organizes it in a way where everyone can contribute and get something out of it. You have to call them there because you want participation and they should know that and be ready to contribute.

Here are ways CLE Solutions makes meetings interactive and exciting:

  • Tell everyone in advance what the meeting will be about
  • Start on time
  • Encourage participation
  • Recap so everybody knows next steps of action

CLE Solutions holds a meeting every morning to get our days started. We have come up with a plan and formula to get our team members excited and ready to provide exceptional service to our clients. With the tips above we have created an atmosphere where our team actually looks forward to meetings instead of dreading them!

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