CLE Solutions, Inc. Shares Ways to Connect with Your Team Members

In May 23, 2014

A happy team member is a productive team member. The secret is not to ask once a year if employees are happy, but to assess their likes and dislikes in a frequent, trustworthy manner with focused questions.

At CLE Solutions, Inc. we have developed a positive work environment and are open with our questions, concerns, and thoughts. Our genuine interest in each other’s progress opinions is what makes our team members happy.

Some questions we make sure to ask frequently include:

  • Name one process that, were it eliminated, would make you more productive.
  • Can you list for me the factors that could contribute to your doing the best work of your life? 
  • Can you highlight any recent recognition and acknowledgment that you have received that increased your commitment and loyalty?

Keeping open communication with our employees also allows us to make changes in a way that pushes us to deliver an even better quality of service.

To read more questions you can ask to measure team member happiness, go here!

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