CLE Solutions Shares Three Qualities of Extraordinary Supervisors

In August 1, 2014

CLE Solutions finds that the best supervisors encourage and inspire. They do not use intimidation or berate their team members. Too much negative reinforcement without recognizing accomplishment leads to high turnover. By offering good communication, guidance, and trust, you too can evolve into an extraordinary leader for your team.

1. Ability to Communicate Well

Communication is essential for all in a supervisory capacity. People require clear expectations, meaningful goals, purpose, and consistency. Be involved in goal setting, and help people find a sense of purpose in the company. Communicate expectations from the beginning and most importantly, keep them consistent. Few things are as demoralizing as a moving target. People need to feel like they can do something right and be given the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

2. Offers Guidance Effectively

The important part of this effort is private criticism and public praise. There is no reason to publicly berate an individual. You want to encourage improvement and not embarrass them. Likewise, success is also a learning opportunity and positive reinforcement encourages others to be innovative. When something goes well, give credit where it is due and let the rest of the team know.

3. Trust in People’s Skills and Expertise

Micromanagement is frustrating for competent people who require discretion to use their judgment. Good supervisors trust that they hired the right talent and grant people autonomy and independence. They are also secure enough in their own abilities that they can ask for input from skilled individuals without feeling their own position is threatened.

A supervisor can make or break a team. An innovative approach that supports the humanity of workers is likely to be positive and encouraging, resulting in more success. CLE Solutions supports the visionary not only for contributions in product development but also the inspiration they can bring as a supervisor.

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