CLE Solutions Reveals Six Ways to Boost Happiness Every Day

In July 11, 2014

Many approaches to increasing happiness focus on intense personal awareness. CLE Solutions knows that those approaches may appear intimidating and lead people to believe happiness is unattainable. While it is true that happiness requires some effort, there are ways to give your mood a boost every day.

1. Put Aside One Minute of Quiet Every Morning

Spend one minute simply being silent. Meditate on your goals, read short poems, and rest your brain. The time is short but the effect is profound. You will feel more energy.

2. Choose Amusement Over Irritation

The words and actions of others are often very odd. You can choose to be irritated or amused. Focus on the amusement aspect and let go of the irritation. You cannot control others but you can control how you react to them.

3. Smile

It is difficult to feel sad when you are smiling. This simple physical act tells your brain to be happy. Smiling also encourages others to smile which makes your happiness contagious.

4. Celebrate Accomplishments

You do not need others to recognize your efforts and praise you. Give yourself some credit and give your own praise. This can be a silent pat on the back or the purchase of a coffee beverage. Enjoy your achievements and mastery of new skills or knowledge.

5. Express Gratitude

Thank the underappreciated around you. Express gratitude to call center staff, facilities management, or the barista who makes your coffee. Many of these people work tirelessly and without appreciation. Your gratitude will brighten their day and your outlook.

Happiness involves habit as well as self reflection. Integrate these suggestions from CLE Solutions each day and see how you feel more positive and have the same effect on others. Life is short and you might as well enjoy it.

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