CLE Solutions on Why Great Leaders Value Vision over Sight

In June 20, 2014

At CLE Solutions, we are led each day by enterprising leaders who are able to envision great things for our company. It is part of the reason why we continue to succeed and have become innovators in this industry. Unfortunately, not all leaders have developed this ability. Businesses often stagnate because they are unable to look beyond their immediate surroundings. Today, we offer the difference between sight and vision – and why vision is critical to long-term growth.

Sight Affects Only What You Can See

Imagine that you are walking down a road, when suddenly you encounter a large brick wall. You cannot see around the wall, nor can you see a way through it. At this point, if you rely solely on your sight, then you will most likely turn around and leave. There is simply no way to move forward.

This happens all too often in the corporate world. Businesses run into a wall, and because they cannot immediately see around it, they believe that they have reached the end of their path. They stay in one place, content to spend the rest of their time not progressing. These companies eventually run out of momentum and die.

Vision Affects Everything Else

The true leader is someone who looks at a wall and immediately sees the obstacle as an opportunity. Just because you cannot see around the wall does not mean you cannot envision a way to continue on your path. In business, the companies that have great vision will set out to find a way to go over, around, or through the obstacles that stand in their way. If they cannot find a solution, they will invent one. Think of all of the great creations in our time. They came from visionaries, in response to seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

At CLE Solutions, we welcome new challenges. Without them, we would not have the chance to exercise our creative vision, and we would never grow. As you continue in your business, remember to not rely entirely on your sight. Instead, learn to trust your vision. It will show you the way to true success.

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