CLE Solutions on Five Reasons Gen Z is the Next Big Market

In August 15, 2014

CLE Solutions has been studying Generation Z, people age 19 and under, and found that they may be the next big thing in marketing. They have greater access to information than any previous generation and they know how to use it. As a result, they are resourceful and driven but also have notoriously short attention spans. Here are five reasons why your business needs to pay attention to Gen Z:

  1. They Are More Than a Quarter of the US Population: There are more people belonging to Generation Z in the United States than to any other generations. In total, Generation Z is more than 25% of the total population. This is a huge market segment that will continue to grow.
  2. They Are Plugged In: Today there are more tools for businesses to connect with their customers than ever. Members of Gen Z are bar far the most plugged into these new technologies. This makes them an extremely accessible; and better yet, they are happy to communicate back.
  3. They Are Early Adopters: Generation Z’s access to information and short attention span make them ideal targets for early adopters. Good early traction with this market segment can lead to establishment of a trend that will draw in other segments as well.
  4. They Are Fast Learners: Much of Gen Z has a substantial amount of knowledge and ability that is entirely self-taught. This makes them very easy to educate on a new product or service. While they may be quick to move on, they are also quick to pick up a new idea.
  5. They Are Socially Conscious: If your business is socially, environmentally, or otherwise altruistically aligned, this segment is ideal. They believe firmly in trying to make a difference in the work. In fact over three-quarters of Gen Z are concerned about how humanity is negatively affecting the planet.

At CLE Solutions, we strive to stay ahead of all market trends. The rise in economic importance of Gen Z is something that we seek to leverage to benefit our clients. In many ways, they may be the key to staying competitive in today’s market place.

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