CLE Solutions Looks to Richard Branson Five Tips for Business Success

In August 8, 2014

Richard Branson is not only known for his fortune but for his approachable nature. While being worth $5.1 billion and owning more than 400 companies in the world, Branson has also remained connected to his humble roots. CLE Solutions loves to reflect on business tips for being successful and realistic from people like him.

1. Keep Connected

Branson emphasizes visibility. Even as the founder, he keeps communication open with managers and lower-level employees. Branson is known for interacting with employees at all his companies and passengers using Virgin Atlantic. He notes feedback in a small notebook. This is a great strategy for keeping employees engaged and consumers loyal.

2. Listen Well

Have the humility to admit that you do not know all the answers. Ask questions, but most importantly, listen. Praise good work as that inspires employees to continue doing well.

3. Do What You Enjoy

Branson founded Virgin Records because he wanted a recording company. He was also passionate about creating something people would enjoy. Unless you love what you are creating, you cannot expect consumers to love it too. If you do not enjoy it, find another purpose.

4. Encourage Pride of Association

Businesses with bad reputations suffer high employee turnover. Being a good place to work means employees stay for the long term and praise their company. Branson felt sad when he encountered workers who apologized for where they worked. He wanted to ensure the Virgin Group was not one of those places.

5. Support Creativity and Innovation

Naming both his recording company, and later his airline, Virgin was considered risqué in 1970. That essence of creativity did more to help him than hurt him and even now, Virgin Atlantic is known for its excellent customer service. No one forgot the name! Never fear trying something new as it may be what launches your enterprise the strongest.

Business success often requires shrewdness and skill. What sets Branson apart is the human element he maintains. CLE Solutions sees Branson’s ability to connect with people as what makes Virgin Group a uniquely successful organization. Know your markets, promote your product, but also proceed with humility and an interest in other people.

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