CLE Solutions Learns Four Motivational Strategies from Navy SEALs

In July 18, 2014

Not all of us are cut out for the military but we can borrow its strategies. CLE Solutions finds that the discipline, structure, and preparation endorsed by the Navy SEALs can apply equally well in business.

1. Shared Sense of Purpose

Emphasizing leadership, this keeps everyone on the same page. As technology and economic trends change, along with employees, maintaining all these parts in one purpose is challenging. Communicating a shared purpose supports unity in unpredictable circumstances.

2. Never Run to your Death

When contemplating risk, make a plan before you jump in. This works for the battlefield and business. Without restraint, reckless and thoughtless behavior can compromise a project. It involves knowing when to hold back and when to act.

3. Adaptation is Necessary

In SEAL missions, circumstances can change quickly and with it, any plans must change too. As Mike Tyson puts it, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” You can plan to a certain extent with the right process and talented people. But if things start to change, composure and flexibility is crucial.

4. Keep Your Team Engaged

The SEALs present engagement in their quote “All in, all the time.” You need engagement and commitment from your team members.  Encourage people to manage stress, build full lives, and give full production at work. Break projects into pieces and assign them to capable people.

Employing SEAL style motivation involves balancing structure, communication, and flexibility. CLE Solutions sees the SEAL mindset as prepared for anything.

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