CLE Solutions, Inc. on Why You Need Marketing Skills

In May 15, 2014

CLE Solutions, Inc. understands the need for marketing because it’s what our clients expect of us every single day. Yet having skills as a marketer is important for nearly anyone in today’s fast-paced world. As such, we instill marketing expertise in every single member of our team, whether they’re working on the admin side of our business or on the front lines of client campaigns. Here are some of the reasons these skills are so important:

  1. Marketing Requires Listening: Marketers must be able to hear what people are saying and leverage that to connect people and build relationships. Listening is a skill that transfers into all of life, both personal and professional.
  2. Marketers are Great Decision Makers: As promoters, we need to be strategic about how we present and brand; that requires sifting through research materials, feasibility studies, and market statistics. Once we’ve taken all of that into consideration, we need to make solid judgments. As such, we learn how to be incredibly good at cutting to the chase and making decisions.
  3. Marketers are Tactful: It’s crucial for any marketer to know how to reach a variety of audiences equally well with their messages, and this skill requires tact. In other words, it requires an ability to adapt a message on an ad hoc basis with poise in order to appeal to a wide range of people. Tact is something you can apply to virtually any other task.

By working with our team to develop their marketing skills, we’re also building into them these essential characteristics that make them more productive professionals and more personable individuals. We’re proud of our people and this shows in our commitment to helping them grow on both personal and professional levels.

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