CLE Solutions, Inc. on What Makes a Good Manager

In May 15, 2014

At CLE Solutions, Inc., we specialize in providing professional development systems for our people to help them grow as leaders and as individuals. We do this through structured training and hands-on learning opportunities, all with the aim of taking them to the level of management, if they so desire. As we work with each individual, we stress certain characteristics that we feel are essential for anyone looking to become a great manager by focusing on three areas: people management, activity management, and personal management.

First, a fantastic manager is someone who is highly adept at managing the people with whom they work:

  • Provide coaching and guidance
  • Foster commitment from team members
  • Communicate effective
  • Elicit responses and feedback
  • Raise morale by being concerned about team wellbeing
  • Value each individual’s contribution
  • Provide vision and motivation
  • Resolve conflicts

Second, a great manager is also someone who knows how to effectively manage the business’ day to day activities:

  • Set clear objectives and goals
  • Delegate whenever possible
  • Manage change effectively
  • Always look to improve
  • Coordinate team well
  • Engage in crisis management
  • Foster empowerment culture
  • Plan and organize themselves and the group
  • Provide strategic oversight
  • Manage team stress
  • Communicate effectively through reports
  • Can make effective presentations to groups

Finally, an excellent manager is someone who is also focused on their own development to ensure they achieve ongoing improvement as a leader:

  • Engage in learning and professional development
  • Sets personal goals and objectives for growth
  • Makes decisive decisions based on good judgment
  • Works to a high standard of excellence
  • Thinks clearly and strategically
  • Is assertive and considerate
  • Excels in time management

By helping our executives build habits and traits like these, we’re ensuring they develop into the leaders we need them to be to take our firm to the next level.

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