PRESS RELEASE: CLE Solutions Expands Office and Hiring Opportunities

In July 29, 2016

VALLEY VIEW, OH – CLE Solutions, Inc. has just made an exciting expansion to include a new office in the Raleigh area this month. The plan is to incorporate two additional offices by the end of the year.


CLE Solutions, Inc.’s Director of Operations, Jason C., announced the opening of a new office in Raleigh. “This venture is enlivening. It promotes a great amount of growth in our company,” he stated. “The rate of growth in our business as a whole is a very positive sign that we are moving in the correct direction.” Indeed, the demand for CLE Solutions, Inc.’s fresh marketing initiatives has sped up the expansion process significantly.

  “The second location has been highly anticipated for quite some time. The move opens up the availability of our services to major regions in the Carolinas,” Jason pointed out. “Not only does the expansion open up doors for our company, it also allows us to test what marketing outreach techniques work in new regions. This is a launching pad to additional offices in other parts of the country. We plan on pushing through two more expansions by the end of the year.”

CLE Solutions, Inc. on New Job Opportunities

 This progress has boosted CLE Solutions, Inc.’s ability to provide job opportunities in a specific region. “The hiring of new team members who can train hands-on in the aspects of company vision and style is crucial to the advancement of business in new cities,” said Jason.

The growth at CLE Solutions, Inc. has made way for individuals to start new and exciting career paths. “Goal setting is vital to hiring new marketing talent,” remarked the Director. “We firmly set a clear vision and plan for our company growth in new locations. Doing this helps to provide clarity to new team members that may not have knowledge about the products our business offers.”

New team members are welcomed with open arms at CLE Solutions, Inc. “The amount of jobs we will have available to a workforce of new college graduates is amazing,” Jason explained. “Our people are working very hard to ensure an all-inclusive team mentality in Raleigh and beyond. It is invigorating for our company to be able to secure talented individuals who will be dedicated to the long-term goals set by our firm.”

Jason reported that he sees expansion to new regions as an avenue for opportunity for everyone involved. “Change is a good thing. Various areas of the country are demanding our services even before the planned moves. We require many new associates to assist us in initiating these endeavors. Our hiring process should be viewed as a motivating career opportunity by those in local Carolina job markets.”

CLE Solutions, Inc. is a top provider of dynamic outreach that drives results every time. The team designs and deploys campaigns that ensure heightened awareness, greater engagement, and lasting market share growth. These promotions meet a wide range of brand needs. The firm’s growing success has led to movement into new regions and even better ability to connect with varied public segments. The team continues to help brands thrive through detailed research and real-time feedback that sharpens their campaigns by the minute. A commitment to the values of passion, teamwork, giveback, and innovation is what most sets CLE Solutions, Inc. apart from the rest. To learn more about all the group has to offer, visit

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