How Candidates Can Make Strong First Impressions

In June 20, 2017
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There are a few things we look for in any potential addition to Team CLE Solutions. We want to see attributes such as honesty and a certain amount of professional experience, for example. The ability to make a strong first impression is also something we find especially important – especially since that’s the core of our work. Here are a few ways top candidates fix themselves in our collective memory and boost their chances of getting hired.

Using powerful words to describe themselves is one way jobseekers set themselves apart from their competition. When a prospective team member discusses the initiative he or she took or the added responsibility that came with it, our ears perk up. These words show that a person has enough self-awareness to understand how he or she can be valuable to an organization.

Profile pictures on various social media sites also go a long way toward making a lasting impression. Whenever a candidate is depicted in professional dress with good lighting, he or she already has a leg up on impressing us. We want to know that a person can clear out distractions and get down to business. A polished visual presentation is a good first step in that direction.

We maintain a supportive work atmosphere, so we want to know that a potential hire can fit into the CLE Solutions way of doing things. That’s why we remember those who show positive enthusiasm for their work. If a candidate is fully engaged in the interview process, it’s a good indicator that he or she will bring that same spirit to every day on the job.

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