The Behaviors That Lead to Advancement

In November 21, 2017
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There are a few simple practices that reliably lead to career advancement, all of which we do our best to apply around the CLE Solutions office. Here are the behaviors we’ve found most helpful in getting closer to our ultimate career aspirations:

Going Above and Beyond: This is a pretty simple suggestion, but it’s one that never fails to get the attention of top decision makers. We make sure we’re doing great work within our normal job descriptions while also pushing beyond what’s expected of us. Proactively tackling new challenges is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a future leader.

Sharing Evidence: Collecting evidence of great performance is another good way to position yourself for advancement. Whether it’s a note of thanks from a colleague, praise from a customer, or a certification you’ve completed, being prepared to make a strong case for yourself is essential.

Tracking Progress: It’s important to keep a running tally of your achievements so you can make a strong elevator pitch when the time comes. However, we’ve also found that tracking our progress supplies us with added motivation to keep chasing CLE Solutions goals. By writing down our biggest accomplishments as they happen, we become even more engaged in excelling on the job.

We’re using these techniques to stay on the right professional path.

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