The Basics of Business Ethics

In May 17, 2017
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CLE Solutions is a values-based business. We are committed to high-level service and professionalism. It all boils down to ethics and our goal to act with integrity at all times. Here are the details of our approach to ethical behavior.

Our guiding principles are the stepping stones to our ethical operations. They are posted throughout the CLE Solutions office, and they are explained to every candidate during the hiring process. These efforts ensure that all our team members are on the same page, and know to refer to the company principles for guidance when making decisions and executing all our processes. Our leaders exemplify these values, providing further encouragement for us to embrace them.

Mantras are used regularly throughout our workplace as well. They range from uplifting quotes to positive statements that remind us what matters most. Some of our team members even ask themselves introspective questions, such as how they might feel if their choices were made public.

Finally, feedback and support are commonplace at CLE Solutions. It’s important to be surrounded by trustworthy and experienced colleagues who are eager to offer their insights when it’s time to make big choices. It also helps that they offer lots of encouragement with every ethical move we make.

To find out how ethical practices benefit our business, go to You’ll also find more information about our guiding principles and examples of the ways we apply them to our daily activities.

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