CLE Solutions, Inc.’s Collaborative Impact

CLE Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of dynamic outreach promotions, and we’ve earned this status due to our rich culture of teamwork. It’s the basis of all we do. Our mix of seasoned experts and fresh talent makes for a fusion of diverse perspectives, which ensures stellar outcomes. What’s more, our coaching program helps the newest additions to our team master the tools they need to succeed in the intense world of innovative marketing.

Top-of-the-Line Experts at CLE Solutions, Inc.

Every initiative we manage meets the highest standards of excellence due to the hard work of our talented team members. CLE Solutions, Inc. promotes professionalism and integrity, and values individual and group impact, for which we reward our people regularly.

CLE Solutions, Inc.’s CEO

Jason C., CEO

Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason was involved in sports throughout his formative years, playing hockey, lacrosse and soccer. As a committed team member and a talented athlete, he quickly fostered an ability to lead people by bringing them together to accomplish big objectives. Following high school, Jason received a degree in marketing and management from Mercyhurst College, giving him a solid foundation in academics which has been invaluable in his business building endeavors.

Jason’s hard work and positive attitude have been key to his growth in the industry. He also remains consistently committed to innovation by adapting to changes as they arise in order to stay heads above his peers.

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